My name is Ilana, and I’m addicted to food. I’m a blogger, baker, food scientist, Registered Dietitian, horse lover, and travel junkie.

Have you ever wanted to bake something new, but didn’t think that you would be able to make it? The dreaded thought that creeps into your mind screams, “This is too complicated, why waste my money and time?” Well readers, have no fear, because that’s where I come in.

I use my knowledge of the chemical makeup of food every day, and I hope this blog provides you with insight into the way food works.

I want to prove to you that you can bake anything right on your first try. I’ll lead you through the science and nutrition behind each dish, which will guide you toward some decadently scrumptious baked goods.

Here’s the catch: It will be my first time baking everything too.

This “travelogue” will document my personal exploration of the baking world.  I’ll add pictures and details of my progress during every step of our journey. As an extra incentive, I will also be adding nutrition facts for each dish.

Hang on tight, readers, because you’re in for an adventure of a lifetime.

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