Banana Ice Cream

Banana Ice Cream 1 © The Baking Tour Guide

This is probably the easiest ice cream recipe you will ever make. All you need is… [drum roll please]


Banana Ice Cream 2 © The Baking Tour Guide

Take three large, ripe bananas, and slice them into pieces. Store them in the freezer overnight, or until you’re ready to use them to make ice cream.

Add the pieces of frozen banana to a food processor, and watch the magic happen! The pieces will become chunky, and then sandy. I needed to add a touch of water to the mixture because my food processor kept getting stuck. The consistency of the ice cream shouldn’t change much.

Banana Ice Cream 3 © The Baking Tour Guide

All of a sudden, you will see the banana sand turn into ice cream. Just like that!

Scoop the ice cream onto breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner. Why not? It’s just made with bananas!

I added a touch of cinnamon to my ice cream. You can try adding other flavorings like vanilla extract or honey. It’s up to you! I am sure chocolate chips would work well here, too.

Banana Ice Cream Nutrition © The Baking Tour Guide

Nutrition facts for one serving of banana ice cream based on the USDA Nutrient Database

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